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Why my instrumented class/method doesn't show on Trace View?

Question asked by Johncsi on May 4, 2018
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Hi, i'm having a hard time to make apm show the instrumented method on Trace View tab.


I've got an exception on user error when trying to download a pdf, and it states the class and method, along with other stuff.


We created a .pbd with the following instrumentation:


TraceOneMethodOfClass: downloadDocPdf BlamePointTracer "{packageandclassname}|{method}"

TraceOneMethodWithParametersOfClass downloadDocPdf ExceptionErrorReporter "{packageandclassname}|{method}:Errors Per Interval"


When i simulate the error again, apm instrumentation shown on Trace View goes only until the servlet, and i don't get further visibility to my instrumented class/method.


We tried to use the following instrumentation also with the same results, except that it got a lot more stuff, but not what matters:

TraceAllMethodsWithParametersIfFlagged: FULL_TT_DETAILS FullDetailTTDifferentInstances  "{packageandclassname}|{method}: ART (ms)"


Any ideas or directions please?


Thx in advance.