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Can I Safely Change "Agile System" After It's Been Established for a Project?

Question asked by alanbrobst on May 4, 2018

The "Agile System" field is defined as "Enter Once" in Object: Project | Partition: System | View: Project Properties - Property Fields window, as shown below.  However, we recently backfreshed our TEST environment from PROD, so now all of our TEST projects are defined to integrate with our PROD Agile Central environment.  Thus, I have disabled that integration definition in TEST so we can't accidentally execute it.


I would like to change that value so that TEST CA PPM projects integrate with our TEST Agile Central environment.  I know HOW to do that (remove the "Enter Once" attribute, then assign the TEST integration definition to the project), but my question is SHOULD I do that?  Is there any hidden risk to doing this that might corrupt our PROD Agile Central environment?  Or our TEST CA PPM environment?  Or something else?


I'm assuming CA made this "Enter Once" for a reason, so I'm concerned that overriding the CA design intention might do things to one or more systems/environments that I don't want to have happen.  Has anyone else done what I'm describing?  Did it have any adverse consequences?  Any advice is much appreciated.