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CDM probe: Convert QoS Uptime Measurements

Question asked by on May 7, 2018
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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if it's possible at all to change a measurement of a QOS Value.


Our use case is simple: we have the CDM probe calculation the uptime of machines, but the QoS values are in seconds. This leads to billions of seconds uptime and is not really readable.


We want to convert these values to hours or days and use these to populate our reports. In the dashboard designer you have a multiplier/division field where you can manipulate how the data is presented. Not so in list/performance reports, so I believe we have to write the data directly to the database in the correct format.


Or maybe we can create a new QOS based on the old one and do the conversion there.


I'm just wondering how to do this? Has anyone done something similar in the pas?