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Publishing Issues - TDM Portal

Question asked by ca.ddias on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Sean-K-CA



Today i started a publishing job.

It shows running on portal, and it´s running for more than 5 hours...


Looking at the "CA Test Data Manager Portal\Jobs" folder, i find a log for JOB 710 (the job running on portal), but it has a error message:


Publish Job: 710
Data Pool: 2_PropostasVeiculoPorData
TDMPublish, version:
DB Repository, version: 3.2J
Start date and time: 2018/05/07 03:00:04
Publish to: TGT

ERROR: Publish failed for job 710, Error message = 401 Unauthorized; Error detail =
End date and time: 2018/05/07 03:00:04


What happens?

It failed, but on the portal it stay running...