Search for use in AWI doesnt highlight the result like Java UI

Discussion created by KumarRahul605332 on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Bademo

Hi there,

We are using AE 12.1.1 HF3 with AWI HF3. When we do a search for use for an object, the result is not highlighted or marked for easy viewing. You have to rely on the info provided in the "Used In" column to determine where exactly it is being used.

For example search for use of a job which is being used in a schedule object will give you the name of the schedule and the task number of the job in the schedule. But when you edit the schedule you will find the tasks in the schedule are not numbered(or indexed) for you to scroll through to the task you are looking for. The task isn't even highlighted like it used to be the case with Java UI. So this then becomes a big problem if you are looking for a task in a schedule containing hundreds of other tasks. A workaround is to use Ctrl+F but that is not the safest way to edit a task in my opinion. 


Anyone else bothered by this shortcoming of the Web UI and any tips overcome this issue?





P.S:- I also observed that the tasks are arranged alphabetically for some reason instead of being sorted by time. This is another bummer.