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CA UIM - Recommendations for hour change

Question asked by emilio.ogaz on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by emilio.ogaz

Hi all.


On weekend will be the hour change in my country (go back 1 hour) so I need to stop the CA UIM services and I dont know if am correct but I'm planning to accomplish this task shutting down the service from the Nimsoft Service Controller on Both HUB and also on both UMP servers.


That's all or I have to do something else?


Other thing, I will stop the services one hour before the hour change (23:00) then with the new hour, start up again the services around 23:05. In theory will be a gap of 5 minutes of data.

What do you think? or doesn't matter stop the services one hour before beceause the platform will overwrite the old data from 23:00 ahead?


Thanks in advance!