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Multiple Devices in UMP for same device

Question asked by pmurt on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Yu_Ishitani

Hi All,

We have noticed that when you go in to ump, and say go to Performance reports designer , if you scroll down the QOS selection by Host column you will see two different entries for the same device. One is the system name and the other is the FQDN for the same device. It appears that when regular system oriented probes are used the qos metrics appear under that entry with just the System name. But if you go and add say a specialty probe say like url_response, when you go into the UMP Performance reports designer  and look for that same device again there is now a FQDN hostname with just the QOS for that Url_response. This is quite tedious trying to deal with multiple devices likes this and constantly explaining to others why they are seeing two devices.  How can we marry the two into just one either system name or FQDN name? We don't care which as long as its just one device showing.