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Issue in Datamaker for Table name more than 32 Character Length

Question asked by Shrini_TSYS on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Shrini_TSYS

I have a set of related SQL tables registered in Datamaker for a Project. Few of these tables have table names more than 32 characters.

While I try to setup the Transformation map individually for these tables, it works fine. But when a table with name less than 32 bytes has a reference to (foreign key) with a table having name more than 32 characters and I try to copy/import the same rule to the related field using the "Rel" feature, I get a message that "Item 'Table_Name_More_Than_32_Char' does not pass the validation test".


How can I solve this problem or is there a fix available?