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Print Before and After DB values in Reports

Question asked by Gangashri.N on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by norre01


I am trying to write a test case, where the first step is "SQL database execution" to query the DB. The next step is pushing the XML to MQ using "read rows from a data file" data set in "IBM MQ native send receive" step. The third step would be again query the DB and compare xml values to DB values. For this i have written scripted assertion for validation.

Now, when i run the test case, i need to print the DB values(logging details) in the report, not in ITR.


Before DB Values:

Field 1  Field 2  Field 3

------       ------      -------


After DB Values:

Field 1  Field 2  Field 3

------       ------      -------


Is there any way to do it?



Please let me know the solution.