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Custom Multi Level Participant Resolver IDM

Question asked by JaspreetBedi on May 10, 2018
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I am using below code in participant resolver to send approval to user's manager:


String managerName = user.getAttribute("eTCustomField22");
User manager = up.findUser(managerName, null);
System.out.println("Manager name is: " + managerName);


1. Instead of User Manager, I need to send approval to Members of Access Role(ManagerAccessRole) at first level.

Could you help me in letting know, which APIs I need to use to send approval to Access Role Members. In worst case, if not possible with Access Role, then how to send approval to Admin Role members.


2. At second level, I need to send approval to Members of Access Role(AdminAccessRole).

If I add just one more statement(In example, assuming second approver is Manager's-manager):


Will it become two level approval by just adding another approver.(So if Manager approve it, it goes to Manager's Manager at second level)