restarting specific informatica task in informatica workflow jobs.

Discussion created by Olgun_Onur_Ozmen on May 10, 2018

   We installed informatica agent v5.1.0 . Customer have questions about its use. We know that automic informatica job can restart session or workflow but Customer expects to workflow recover rather than workflow restart. when they say recover of workflow, they actually talk about this case.

   Lets assume we have a informatica job named X. in this informatica job inside we execute workflow named wf_X. , wf_X contains respectively A --> B --> C tasks.( wf_X = A --> B --> C ) . If a B task fails in the wf_X , we see informatica workflow X status = ended not ok . They do not want to restart the whole X job from begining again. They want to click restart X job , after X job restart , only continue restart B task and if B task succeeds after restarting, continue with task C.

   Can the informatica agent do this? Can you explain how it works if it can?