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Self-Service flow having generators of different TDM Projects fails to Publish

Question asked by SrinivasanSathiamurthi on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by kapad01

In TDM 4.5, two generators are set-up under different projects (say A & B). The publish of each generator is successful (from Portal) using their respective default configuration. This is true even when published through respective self-service flow. However when both the generators are part of a single self-service flow (created using ARD 2.8), the publish fails with below error message.


Error Message: "Exception occured in default configurations: TDMException: Failed to load default configuration.: TDMException: Http Exception in TDM Generator service, Error : 400 Bad Request"


Is it technically possible that a self-service flow (created using ARD 2.8) can have two process blocks linked to generators of two different TDM Projects?