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Question asked by bki.florian on May 11, 2018
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Usually, we search in different flows information by using multiple hashtags: 

For example, I'm looking for a flow where the hashtag #Blue and the hashtag #Dolphins are used : 


I go to the  I tap : #Blue #Dolphins


And I have the results of ALL the flows with the TWO hashtags.     


But now, since one month approximatively, If we tap in the search the two hashtags, the results don't give us the combination of the two Hashtags anymore: 

We have lost the filter between the different hashtags. It means we have too much results and not the precise filtered answers we need. 


It means, with my example, if I search #Blue #Dolphins, all the results with #Dolphins OR #blue will appear as a result and not the COMBINATION of the TWO hashtags #Blue and #Dolphins. 


Before the change, the search gave us #Blue AND #dolphins. Now, the search gave us #Blue OR #Dolphins. 


Looking forward for your answer, 


Have a nice day!