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Right Permission to edit TASK ID

Question asked by harjo31 Employee on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by harjo31

I have a user with instance rights to a project in CA PPM. With this rights, he can edit the project and create Tasks.

The attribute task-ID is only in the task list.So the user can create new tasks and if he want to change the task-ID, he can do it in the list. Auto-numbering is NOT active.

But the user is not able to edit the attribute. If I click into the attribut nothing happen. With an Admin User (all global rights) I can do it.


What right is missing? Global Right?


This are the instance project rights:

Project - Cost Plan - Edit
Project - Task Management
Project - Manager (Auto)
Project - Create/Edit Requisitions
Project - Modify Baseline
Project - Create - Status Report
Project - Edit Project Plan


Thank you