Help with PREP_PROCESS_REPORT syntax

Discussion created by JohnO'Mullane on May 14, 2018
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Hi all,

I'm trying to parse a report using the PREP_PROCESS_REPORT function but I'm struggling.


This is the sample of the contents of my report.


/wla/Automic/Automation.Platform/ServiceManager/bin/ucybsmcl -c GET_PROCESS_LIST -h xsj-dvapwla01:8871 -n UC4_DEV
+ /wla/Automic/Automation.Platform/ServiceManager/bin/ucybsmcl -c GET_PROCESS_LIST -h xsj-dvapwla01:8871 -n UC4_DEV
"WP1" "R" "28409" "2018-04-08 08:24" "30/16:45" "0/03:43:11.00"
"CP1" "R" "28430" "2018-04-08 08:24" "30/16:45" "0/01:05:45.00"
"CP2" "R" "28429" "2018-04-08 08:24" "30/16:45" "0/01:56:05.00"
"JWP" "R" "29675" "2018-04-08 08:29" "30/16:40" "0/04:31:28.00"


I'm trying to extract only the first 2 columns of each line

e.g.  WP1 R

        CP1 R


Ultimately I'm trying to create a dashboard that will display the status of my Engine processes, just like the Service Manager Dialog does. IT will mean you don't have to have the SMD installed to check the status of Engine + Agents.


If I can get these values in a VARA, I can then generate HTML to display on my Dashboard.