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Assistance with dtlDropdown Documentation

Question asked by andholmes on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Chi_Chen

I'm trying to build a dropdown using dtlDropdown.  I've read the documentation for dtlDropdown here:

This gives the list of parameters for dtlDropdown but does not give the order of the parameters.  I've pulled several examples for how these are built in the out of the box system, and have managed to figure out the position of some of the parameters, but not all of them.  This is an example from detail_macro.htmpl:

detailDropdown("Object Type","ob_type","macro_prod_list",1,20,
                "Configuration Item","nr",
  "Change Order","chg",
                "Issue Workflow Task","iss_wf",
  "Request/Incident/Problem Workflow Task","cr_wf",
                "Change Order Workflow Task","wf");


I think I have figured out these parameters  detailDropdown("hdr", "attributeName", "factory", "colspan", "size"

         "required", "?", "?","?","?","?","?","?","?","?","?","whereclause",


Does anyone have documentation that details which position holds which parameter or can fill in the blanks where the question marks are and can confirm those that I've filled in?