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SDM 14.1.x - Javascript - require field based on category

Question asked by J_W on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by J_W

SDM 14.1.x - multiple customers.


Requirement:  The Requester field should be required if the Request Area (category) contains 'New Hire'.


Work in Progress:  I have a preSaveTrigger which checks for this condition and calls the detailReportValidation function.




1. This works fine on initial save, however, an alert pop-up is shown rather than the red box and UI message.

2. Opening the ticket in Edit mode and then saving - even with no changes made and the Requester field not empty - results in the same behavior.  The workaround is to enter the Requester field and remove the trailing space shown in the combo name.  You can then Save the ticket.



function preSaveTrigger(){
    var factory;
    factory = propFactory;

    if (factory == "cr"){
    element = document.main_form.elements;
    /* Requester is required for New Hire tickets */
    if (typeof element['KEY.category'] == "object"){
        if (typeof element['KEY.requested_by'] == "object"){
            var z_category = element['KEY.category'].value;
            var z_requester = element['KEY.requested_by'].value;

            if (z_category.indexOf("New Hire") != -1){
                var z_requesterid = element['requested_by_combo_name'].id;
                //var z_requesterid = element['requested_by'].id;
                var z_requestertemp = document.getElementById(z_requesterid);
                //var z_requestertemp = document.getElementById('df_0_0');
                if ( (z_requester === null) || (z_requester === "") ){
                    detailReportValidation(z_requestertemp,true,"Please add the HR analyst submitting this form as the Requester.\nThis is required for New Hire tickets!");
                    return false
                else {
      }      /* End Requester required for New Hire */
     } /* End 'cr' rules */
    return true


This is saved to $NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\wwwroot\scripts.


Troubleshooting so far:  I have tried using the requested_by ID value rather than the combo name and I have also tried to get the element using the hard coded ID.  Neither had any effect.


I am trying to do this client side as opposed to a majic mod as it will not require a services restart and it can be modified by form group.


PS:  This is heavily borrowed from examples on this site, but I can't find the original to give credit back to the developers - so if this is from your work please sing out and I will reference your posts!