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CA ASM Noob questions

Question asked by RickBullard on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by RickBullard

I am trying to provide input to my JMeter scripts from the ASM Config pages - I have found the "standard" variables:

User Name${__property(WMaccount)}


What field in the config page equates to this property/variable - ${__property(WMpar)} ?


I am looking to get the ASM Name passed in (so something like ${__property(WMname)} perhaps).  Is that possible?


I am also looking for the syntax for the Script Parameter field.  I currently have Q1=test&Q2=fred&Q3=Wilma, but I am not sure that is working correctly.


Is there a way to view/write/email log information so that I can find the source of my ASM failures?  My ASM is failing, but I am not seeing anything obvious and want to make sure that my inputs are coming through and referenced correctly.


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated,