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PAM - Email Configuration

Question asked by dinakar_apk on May 16, 2018
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We want to have mail notification functionality from CA PAM. Our PAM servers are added to the mail relay server and port 25 is the default one used by mail server. the port opening is also done in firewall level.


We added the email server ip and port into PAM configuration. but it asks for an account, without which its not allowing us to save the config.


Do we need an email server account (user id / password) to send mail notifications from PAM?


Because, I have worked on few other IDM tools, splunk, where it requires, 1. enable mail relay (add senders IP), 2. open port 25. Thats it.


Please help what are the details required for mail configuration.


Note: We configuration mail config in Credential manager --> mail settings-->

Is this correct place?