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Same Resource Name under Different Realms

Question asked by MaheCA on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Ujwol Shrestha

I am using CA Single Sign-On 12.52


My application resource structure is:


  • /    Base URL Ex:
    • index.html
    • reports/
    • super/
      • reports/
      • finance/
      • <many more>


I need to configure the realms for the following URLs in the SiteMinder policy server -- Unprotected -- Protected -- Protected


My understanding: Two realm configuration are sufficient

  1. Realm-1   /reports/
  2. Realm-2  /super/


To my application directory structures, I don't want the nested realms like "/super/reports" & "/super/finance/"


If the user comes with the following URLs:
 -- Realm-2 will be matched
 -- Realm-1 will be matched


If the user comes with, which REALM will be matched?