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Unable to sync Ca Agile Central with Ca Clarity 14.4v

Question asked by DarshanaA on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by DarshanaA

Hi guys,


I'm trying to sync CA Agile Central with CA Clarity PPM 14.4v but nothing happens as the rally synchronization job goes into processing mode and never completes.


I've taken the below steps for configuring the integration and other settings.
Reference -

1. Installed Agile Central add-in
2. Rest API status -- enabled
3. Agile Integration Owner -- admin having API access and all rights

4. Integration object is configured using below attributes:
     - Integration Name, ID
     - Integration URL
     - Integration Instance
     - Authentication Type - API key


In Rally tab:
- Portfolio Item Type Map (Project)
- Portfolio Item Type Map (Task)
- Create and Sync Tasks
- Create and Sync Team
- Default Rally Owner ID
- Default Rally Project ID
- Open for Time Entry (Task)


5. After this setup, I've created one active project in Clarity and in the
   Project properties-->Agile Summary(subpage)-->

                              Synchronize: checked
                              Agile System : selected integration record


6. Ran Rally synchronization job with below parameters:
   Date Window: Projects updated in the last 12 months
   Project Status: active


Result: the job goes into processing mode and never stops unless deleted explicitly.No changes in Agile Central.

As no error is shown up in the bg logs also, I'm not able to figure out what is wrong with the configuration.
Please help!


Also, after the installation of add-in, below things appear in Clarity:
1. Rally synchronization job under JOBS
2. Agile Summary subpage under project properties
3. An integration subpage for Rally and lookup menus that allow you to select integration values

But there is no Agile Summary subpage under task properties(as described in the reference doc)


Gud day:)