Best practice: reboot the API GateWay machine before upgrade?

Discussion created by svvoorn on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2019 by TonVanOostveen

We have upgraded all our API GateWays from 9.1 to 9.2 CR07.

We started with DEV, then TEST, followed by QA and finally PROD.

QA and PROD are MySQL clustered environments.

On all our non-production environments we encountered some minor issues, which we could explain. And these environments are rebooted more often (for different reasons). Production is stable and running for over a year.

So when we finally started to upgrade the first production machine, we encountered a very strange error in the platform upgrade:

com.l7tech.server.processcontroller.patching.PatchServiceApiImpl: Output from patch install: rm: cannot remove `/opt/SecureSpan/Platform/data/cache': Directory not empty

We could not explain why this was happening!

So what we did was cleaning the install error (How to resolve ERROR state during APIGW 9.1 platform upgrade? ), rebooted the machine and started the upgrade again.. 

And it worked!

So what we did after this on every machine is first reboot and then start the upgrade!

Result: No issues during the upgrade.


Does anybody have the same experience?