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Update Action on CWP Using GMU Manage Mapping Command

Question asked by chagr04 Employee on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Mark_HE

Hi All,


I was working on this particular use case :-


1. There are 100 Clusterwide properties created in DEV in which 25 belong to DEV, 25 belongs to UAT, 25 belong to SIT and 25 belong to prod. 

2. Situation here is , once i move the code from DEV to UAT then only those 25 CWP should migrate which belong to UAT rest all other 75 CWP should be ignored. similarly for SIT and Prod.

3. Is there any way we can do this using regular expression, as all clusterwide properties are in format like (env.uat.***,***, env.sit.***,***)

4. there is a way to individually put this on the managemapping script but if new properties are created with this same pattern we have to put it manually on the script. this is not the ask.

5. I am looking for a formal approach where cwp of above pattern are updated with mapping as "NewOrUpdate" and rest CWP as "NewOrExisting".


Note : developer doesn't have access to higher environment where they can edit the CWP. manual task is not requested. 


Thanks & Regards, 

Grajesh Chandra