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RAFTP Agent Group not active

Question asked by TimOsgood611330 on May 17, 2018
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I am building a new RAFTP agent server to act as high availability in 11.2.  It is configured and active in Client 0.  It has R,W,E privs on test client.


I am trying to create an agent group with my old host and the new host.  Platform = CIT, Solution = FTPAGENT, Mode=Any.  Added Host 1 and Host 2.  I run simulation and it switches between hosts.


I create a JOBS RA setting Host = new host group.  When I go to the Ftp tab to pick a connection, I get "The Agent is either not running or the Agent has not been selected in the Attributes tab".  On the bottom left the light is red with "HOSTG.RAFTP.AGENTS is not an active Agent".  In the Attributes tab, if I switch the host to host 1 it works.  If I switch to host 2 it works, but the group gets the error.


I've gone through the Rapid Automation guide and the User guide about agent groups and find nothing about this type of error.


Is there a setting I am missing to allow the single working hosts to work as a group?