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Can the har_worx object be updated directly using REST?

Question asked by ElwynnMartin on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by ElwynnMartin

I have the following line of code that works to update the nr object(the main table for CIs) using the put method.

string putBody = "<nr>" + "<zRelayMachine>1</zRelayMachine>" + "<description>" + "</description>" + "</nr>";


when I tried to change it to update the extension table har_worx where the additional work station specific fields live I keep getting a 400 bad request error.


Here's an example of a call that's failing using the put method:

putBody: <har_worx><proc_type>2500%20MHz%20Core%20i7%2D2860QM<proc_type></har_worx>


Any thoughts on what I'm missing or doing incorrectly?