TechTip: Database Health Option on CA SOI Dashboard

Discussion created by Brahma Employee on May 18, 2018
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A new feature added in SOI 4.2 with latest patch - "Database Health"


This option shows the database health status message based on the threshold value violation. It looks at the number of rows in the following tables:





You can change the threshold values at runtime in the <SOI_HOME>\SamUI\webapps\sam\thinuiconf\ file.
Each table has a threshold entry that you set based on the number of rows you want to be alerted on.

The configured values in the are then compared with the actual table size to generate one of three messages (the below values are %):
If the threshold is between 0 and 49, the message will be "Healthy"
If the threshold is between 50 and 74, the message will be "Partially Degraded"
If the threshold is greater then 75, the message will be "Degraded"



For more details, please refer SO01669 patch readme

SO01669 - CA Service Operations Insight Monthly Update Kit - CA Technologies Documentation