AWI 12.x - Design, layout, font settings and so on

Discussion created by Keld_Mollnitz on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 19, 2018 by FrankMuffke

Dear community members,


I have started using the AWI in my AWA 12.1 Sandbox environment and although I like and support the move from JAVA UI to the AWI for many reasons I still haven't fully fallen in love with the AWI and in some areas I feel that the old JAVA UI is still superior to AWI.

As I see it, the problem has to do with the basic design of the AWI. I think the font sizes are generally way too big and there is too much useless 'space' around different 'sections'.


Take for instance the Administation perspective: Each cell containg 'User Management', 'Clients', 'Queues' and so on: the font size is too large and there is too much wasted space around each word.


Also, I don't like the Process Monitoring Status Bar in the Process Monitoring Perspective. Again, it take up too much space and the only way to minimize it (I would to be able to remove it completely) is to minimize the size of my window.


And not to mention that the AWI still lacks many vital features that the JAVA UI has.


Am I the only one who has this problem with the AWI ??