Did you know? APM Telemetry is available for early adoption

Discussion created by Zdenek.Fiedler Employee on May 18, 2018

Did you know that the APM Telemetry feature is available for an early adoption starting from the APM 10.7 version?


Telemetry data help the CA Support team to triage an issue, when a new support case ticket is opened and minimize the time needed to understand your APM environment.

The Telemetry collects basic metric data of an APM environment and sends them to a designated CA server. The metrics do not contain any customer data, traces or personal identifiers. These are purely APM installation statistics as number of servers, agents, collected metrics, etc.


You can also review all the collected telemetry data to get a better overview of your APM installation.


The Telemetry is turned-off by default in the APM 10.7 installer.


Please, refer to the Telemetry documentation for more details and share your comments, questions and suggestions in this conversation.