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CA APM webview - URL always redirected to physical host

Question asked by barisp on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2018 by barisp

Hello Everyone,


I am facing strange behavior after we upgraded from CA Enterprise Manager 9.7.1 to 10.5.2.

We are using the EM in an SAP environment using virtual hostnames.


We already tried everything we came accross over the web to force /webview URL to be displayed only on the virtual address. However, the whenever calling /webview it automatically redirects to the physical hostname.

/sapdashboard is not doing this, it will stay on the virtual hostname URL.


We tried these parameters so far:






We also tried to configure the jetty webserver in /config and force the virtual hostname in the "addConnector" tag.

We also tried to modify the jetty and web xml files in the WebContent directory to disable redirection.


Setting any/all the above parameters just achieved of still redirecting to the physical host and getting a "page cannot be displayed" message.


Checking the log the EM registers the 8081 port only on the virtual address for the EMWebserver, however then the log shows the "Fully Qualified domain is" as the physical host and the domain as the domain of the physical host despite setting the above.


Checked other hosts with the exact same software version, and they behave the same, so this is something "default" in this release.


I am out of ideas.