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LDAP users are not able to login to UMP console

Question asked by vineesha413 on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by vineesha413

Hi Folks,


We use CA UIM 8.47 in our environment.we have LDAP integrated with AD but from yesterday all of a sudden the LDAP users are not able to login to the ump console.


They get a error message as below.



From the hub.log we are getting the below messages.


hub: login [LDAP] - (logon_user) 0 user found for (&(objectClass=person)(|(userPrincipalName=xyz@domain.local)(sAMAccountName=xyz@domain.local))), do not know which to use.
hub: login [NimBUS] - user does not exist user=xyz ip=***.***.***.*


hub: Subscribe error: replacing current subscriber not permitted, denying request


We have checked and found that the users are present in the LDAP  group.We tried to resync the ACL with the LDAP group but still it did not work.


From the logs i can see that the userprincipalname and SAM  account both are same,Will this be a problem?


I am a newbie to CA UIM ,Could anyone Please help.


Many Thanks,