Using DA For Alert Generation in CA APM 10.7

Discussion created by Jaykrishna on May 19, 2018
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Hi Team,

We are planning to use DA for Alert generation.

I have gone through CA docs and David’s (DAVID.B.MARTIN@CA.COM) blog post as well as video posted on the below mentioned CA Community thread.



1.But till now i am not sure what threshold value should i put for the danger and caution Alert. Also what value should i put for Observed Period and Period over threshold and what is its significance in DA.

The reason for this is

In David’s Blog post: In one place it is mentioned that "CA has customized the Western Electric Rules output to produce a gradient range of values or stability, from zero (perfectly stable) to thirty (perfectly unstable).  These values are painted in a special display, not discussed in this article."

In David’s Blog post: In another place it is mentioned that " Variance intensity is an arbitrarily chosen range of values where the lowest value indicates perfect stability and the highest indicates perfect instability."

In the CA APM 10.7 documentation: It mentioned that "For Differential Analysis, the underlying metric is variance intensity, which has a range from 10 to 40. 10 - 20 is stable range. 20 - 30 is moderate instability. Over 30 is a period of severe instability. A good default can be 25 for Caution and 35 for Danger."

In the default Management Module: For Response Time Variance Intensity  Alert

Danger Threshold:30

Caution Threshold:25

Observed Period:20 (5 mins)

Period over threshold:16 (4 mins)

Will you kindly suggest me what threshold value, Observed Period and Period Over Threshold should we go for.

2. We are planning to use DA for all the blamepoint metrics. But i am not sure about its implications.

The reason for this

In the CA APM 10.7 documentation: It  is mentioned that " Note: By default, Differential Analysis works on Average Response Time for application frontends, backends, and business transaction metrics. Differential Analysis also works for MOM-calculated metrics, for example, aggregated frontend and business service metrics. While you can configure other metrics, good results are not guaranteed. Feel free to experiment and get back to us with your results. Good results are not likely when measuring Responses Per Interval, GC Heap, or similar counter type metrics."

Will you kindly suggest whether i should go for it or not.



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