fast-unload r20 change in enforcing "bad" select

Discussion created by ChrisHoelscher on May 21, 2018
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I wanted to share what happened to us so that it doesn't happen to you!!


yes, it was documented for several releases as to what was correct and what wasn't

the correct form is:


select .....




however, up thru and including R19, fastunload tolerated


select .....


***-***-*** (dashes in the pseudo columns)


well at our site, perhaps developers do not read manuals as long as jobs finish with rc=0, and my team does not review fast-unloads (especially those that test with rc=0)


R20, however, now generates error msg PFU0075E - INVALID SELECT STATEMENT - SEE DOCUMENTATION   


as soon as we got bit by this , not knowing how many fast-unloads would be affected, but KNOWING how long it would take development to make the changes, we reverted R20 to R19



as there was no user hold on the fast-unload FMID announcing this change to bottom-line functionality, please allow this to serve as the hold data for CPFUK00 - fast unload


fast unload will now generate rc=8 w/msg PFU0075E when hyphenated column names are used in a "select ... into" fast-unload . this functionality now conforms to and matches long-published documentation