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How to refer External jars when execute the CA dev test through command line

Question asked by kirancts on May 22, 2018
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Hi All

I am new to using the CA Dev Test, appreciate if some one can help me on the below issue


I have some external jars which I placed in HotDeploy folder for my tests to run , when I run the test through command line arguments , getting class not found exception , which means my jar is not referred while doing the execution through command line


Below the command I am using for my execution in my batch file

"C:\DevTestProjectWorkSpace\bin\TestRunner.exe" -u ****** -p **** -t "C:\DevTestProjectWorkSpace\Unifi\Tests\MOBO-LoanCreationTestCases\MOBO_WithoutBorrower.tst" -m tcp://*****/Registry -a -config "C:\DevTestProjectWorkSpace\Unifi\Configs\project.config" -html "C:\DevTestProjectWorkSpace\Unifi\Reports.html"



My jar is located in



When I run the MOBO_WithoutBorrower.tst from CA Dev Test work station , Its working fine as expected.