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Request for Estimate redirects to Project List

Question asked by Piyush_Agrawal on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by suhail-sayed

In 14.3 version, we have a custom built portlet which shows data for Request for Estimates object (sub-object of project object). In this portlet,there is a link on Estimate ID which opens up Request for Estimate page on a new window and when user click on Save & Return or Return, it redirects to portlet list layout.


Now we have upgraded to 15.3 and here while clicking on Save & Return or Return redirects back to Project properties page and after again clicking on Return, it redirects to portlet list page.


So, a user has to click the Return button 2 times as opposed to 1 time in 14.3


We just wanted to check if there is design changes implemented in 15.3