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CA Dir management UI port reconfigure and the hole I'm in now.

Question asked by Samatnys on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Samatnys

So running 12.6 of CA Dir (on RH) and new to it.  I had setup the management UI and used it to create an environment and 8 DSA's on 8 different servers all replicating to each other.  Fairly straightforward and a great learning experience.  So after I was done, I wanted to change the default port (3000) that the management UI was listening on.  I couldn't easily find where in the management UI where the port was defined so I had this idea.  I figured if I shutdown the UI and the DSA that supports it, I could save the database off, uninstall the UI and remove the DSA.  I then re-ran the installer for the UI specifying the port I wanted.  I then shutdown the UI and DSA, replaced the new database with the one I had saved and started everything back up.  I know I was somewhat successful since I had to use the new password I created for the admin account, but it looks clean with no environments or DIT's displayed in the UI.  Am I hosed now or is there a way to get the UI to read all the config info that is in the original management DB?


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