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Issue in Updating OBS data from Department of Resource

Question asked by Avik.Roy on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Avik.Roy

Hi All,


We have a requirement where we are trying to copy the data from Department Table aka cost center and short description and update in a obs which maintains the same other than the department obs for resources where it is different or mismatched in the OBS than that of Department data for the reource


While working on the identification and preparing a query for the same, i am stuck in writing the merge statement since it was somehow returning multiple rows due to the oob department obs even though there was no outer join used in the query. When I was trying to restrict the query to achieve the goal, I was stuck due to the reference error due to the limitation of merge statement where the joining column (join condition) of tables can not be updated through merge statement


Is there an alternate way to achieve it


I know it is difficult to explain without the code snippet but due to restriction i am not able to do it