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EDI message validation- IDoc and X12

Question asked by MaheshSham on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by abrsh01

Greetings Team,


We are in the process of validating DevTest's capability to validate IDoc and X12 files in an EDI implementation.


Following is the PoC scenarios that we are working on


1- Load the IDoc and X12 files from a remote location

2- Both IDoc and X12 are in Fixed length format

3- Certain fields from IDoc file needs to be filtered and based on various Business rules/Conditions applied on those fields, we need to verify weather the application has generated/created the target X12 file correctly, and vice versa.


Seems DevTest out of the box does not support/ has built in steps to accomplish the above task.


Kindly let me know, if there are any custom handlers/wrappers through which this can be achieved in DevTest.


Swift response would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.