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Want to Delete Projects which does not have timesheet

Question asked by muthukumaran.mohanarengan on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by Abhisek

I want to delete project which does not have timesheet or there is no record in ppawip table.

so below query wrote it.


select distinct inv.code, pp.actualcost,pp.totalcost,wip.transdate,p.status from
inv_investments inv,pac_mnt_projects p,odf_ca_project o,ppa_wip wip, ppa_wip_values pp
where and and and wip.transno=pp.transno and wip.project_Code=inv.code
and inv.is_Active=0
and p.status='C'


In powerfilter I built the actuals =0 please refer the screen shot .Nearly 5799 records came.I checked one project trying to delete the steps below

1) Mark for Deletion that project

2)Run the Delete Investment Job


While I checked in that log file below message is appearing .Even though we checked financials status is closed.

So below message meaning is actualcost is appearing in ppa_wip_values tables . Is it Correct?

002339 (5103987) cannot be deleted because it has associated financial transactions.


Myquery is whether IN GUI Actuals(refer the screen shot) / ppa_wip_values tables=>Actualcost are the same

                      Actuals=Actualcost values are same or not


We want to Purging activity for projects so we can check this. Can we approach this or any other Methods Please advice on this.