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POLICY MANAGER ERROR:Failing because expression was not matched

Question asked by Amit1988 on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Amit1988

Hi All,


I am working on CA API Gateway 9.3, I am trying to publish rest we service.


I followed below steps: 


1)Tasks - Services and APIs - Publish RESTful Service Proxy with WADL. 

2)I tried both manual and add WADL option

3)Access control default option(Anonymous)

4)Enable policy debugging policy trace 

5)Test service with localhost url (Policy Manager and Application server are on same machine(Windows 2012), Gateway server is on CentOS, Telnet to 8080 from app server to gateway server works fine)

6)While testing service via SoapUI, I get the expected results

7)Once I switch the URL with Gateway server instead of localhost, I start getting error



<faultstring>Policy Falsified</faultstring>
<l7:policyResult status="Assertion Falsified" xmlns:l7=""/>


8) Below are the logs from view log:

           -com.l7tech.server.message: Processing request for service: http://localhost:8080/UserManagement/rest/ [/UserManagement/rest/*]

          -com.l7tech.server.policy.assertion.ServerRegex: 6306: Failing because expression was not matched \Q/UserManagement%2Frest%2F\E(.*)

         -http://localhost:8080/UserManagement/rest/ [9920b4df0dfe4f89a320c50fe6cef434] resulted in status 600 (Assertion Falsified)


9)I am unable to understand regex part(\Q/UserManagement%2Frest%2F\E(.*)) because it was something tool picked it by itself


Kindly let me know if I have skipped something.