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GMU gives error    <l7:Detail>']' expected but not found</l7:Detail>

Question asked by Pablo.vander.Veen-KvK on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Pablo.vander.Veen-KvK

When asking the GMU to execute a browse command, browse -argFile properties/<environment>.properties -showIds -r



The gateway Management service returns an error. While searching for a resolution we have been trying to search for the place where this goes wrong and it seems that it has something to do with the -r.


The -r triggers a level in the restcall from the GMU making the "level=-1" as a query parameter.

When we execute this command from postman it also returns an error, but hereby we can set the level to a fixed number.

We found out all goes wel until level 290, while at level 291 it breaks, but we can't find anywhere where this is set what level 291 is. Everything higher than 290 fails.


What we did find is that there is a difference between level=288 and level=290. The difference is are dependencies from one of the last added services. But we're not sure what was created after that.


We have 2 possible explainations:

1. the message size became to big, whereby the closing tag "]" is not inside message size

2. there is an error inside one of the policies/services/dependencies, but we cant find it anywhere.


Hope someone can help,