Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : SecureRedirect webapp error

Discussion created by Patrick-Dussault Employee on May 25, 2018
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We're running CA Access Gateway (SPS), when user access a resource
protected with Openid Connect, at the first request the user is
redirected, as explained in the documentation, to the authentication
page that protects / Affwebservices / secure / secureRedirect. But
after entering the authentication data, he receives an error.




set resource path used to display error messages; Likely caused by
uninitialized NETE_WA_ROOT environment variable]


with ID: 610c7b97-d9ab1f07-19230f43-76119b33-7e7a2c6e-0c
failed. Reason: SERE_GET_EXCEPTION]


caught in class
com.netegrity.affiliateminder.webservices.SecureRedirect, method
doGet: com.netegrity.siteminder.agentcommon.utils.k: .]Failed to


How can we solve that ?



Policy server 12.8 on Windows 2016 R2;
SPS (Access Gateway) 12.8 on Windows 2016 R2;


- Make sure that the CA Access Gateway (SPS) JDK has the JCE patches


Install CA Access Gateway


- Make sure that the Environment variable NETE_WA_ROOT is set properly
before starting the CA Access Gateway (SPS);


KB : KB000097690