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Getting Aborted Signal 11 - Exit code 11 in capchain jobs

Question asked by Aditya_SB on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by JeanPaulLucas

Hi All,

We are experiencing issue with our some of the autosys capchain jobs which are getting terminated with aborted signal 11 within a minute or so when they are started on agent but the process chain starts running and gets completed successfully.

Its happening intermittently and not to any specific job or SAP system. Only isolation of the issue is that all these jobs are process chains and have term_run_time defined to some value which is way greater than a minute.

I am suspecting that some timeout is occurring while retrieving job status from either SAP adapter to agent or SAP system to SAP adapter but not able to find exact issue.


Can you please help us on this issue. Thanks !


- Aditya B.