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currentUser is null in iOS

Question asked by milst08 Employee on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by gophu01

I am creating apps for iOS and Android. I have reduced the /userinfo to just send back

    "status" = "OK",
    "sub" = "UfyViAIi6lJTA_t-OoENCHrGv15wLyLm_YXj3zXWYds"


This works fine with Android, but with iOS the "currentUser" is null and logout or other

actions which need the currentUser are not working.


If I change the /userinfo to 


    "preferred_username" = admin;

    sub = dqUU5rLp3EDxwKAMvEjdW9ro1YlhGt9vGvSqzNgMfSE;


It works with both OS.


My customer wants to reduce the /userinfo to the first option.