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Getting a value from job report to populate variable

Question asked by ChristineBauder603411 on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by ChristineBauder603411

I need to get a value (Batch Number = ??) out of the automic job report and have that value populate a variable where such variable can then be called in the next job as an input value for a modified run control to automatically update a peoplesoft run control. I've figured out the peoplesoft piece, but I need help with automic scripting to get the value. The value of the "Batch Number" does not grow by any certain increment, it will be a different number each run. 


This is what the report looks like. The Batch Number value is what I need - in this instance it would be 55:


psae -CT ORACLE -CD ICSSTG -CO "PRDSVSYS" -CP OPRPSWD -R SFD_ARCHIVE_CUCALMSG -I 59540425 -AI PSARCHIVE -OT 6 -FP "/opt/pscfg/icsstg/appserv/prcs/icsstg/log_output/AE_PSARCHIVE_59540425/" -OF 14
Normal end, status=9, retcode=0, sessionid=24235
started: 2018-05-26-, ended: 2018-05-26-
2018-05-26- Begin PSARCHIVE
2018-05-26- Archive ID = CUCALMSG, Archive Process = S, Batch Number = 55, Query = U8_ARC_CALC_MESSAGE, Audit Row = , Restart = N
2018-05-26- Processing CALC_MESSAGES