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sfHier and sfDropDown for customized table in r17

Question asked by bisak on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by johsc03

I have sfHier and sfDropDown customized columns in list_cnt.htmpl,  related to customized table with persistent_id  as foreign key, and sym as common attribute in Service desk release 12.6. I'm getting sym values from the customized table in the list.

After upgrade to release 17.1, instead of sym value in sfHier and sfDropDown list for existing customized tables,I'm getting 0 and 1 - delete_flag values.

Also, I'm not able to get sym values in sfHier and sdDropdown list neither for newly created customized tables with persistent_id as  RELATTR in release 17.1.

If someone has some experience with this issue, please help.



Boris Isakovic