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app server error while connecting to DB

Question asked by Shahbaz123 on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Shahbaz123

I am having this error when I bring app server up. I can login to DB (Oracle RAC). I can use tnsping and connect to DB using sqlplus but app server is throwing errors using same credentials. Client is 32-bit and WAAE is 11.3.6 SP6



 CAUAJM_E_18407 Failed to connect to Oracle server: ***
[05/25/2018 13:39:10] CAUAJM_E_18400 An error has occurred while interfacing with ORACLE.
[05/25/2018 13:39:10] CAUAJM_E_18401 Function <Olog> invoked from <openProc> failed <154>
[05/25/2018 13:39:10] CAUAJM_E_18402 Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12154
[05/25/2018 13:39:10] CAUAJM_E_10649 Server xxxx was not available during connection operation.