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PPM is showing error while try to open snmp collector probe

Question asked by DeepakSharma4213211 on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Britta_Hoffner

Hello Team,


PPM is showing following error in logs:-

May 26 11:36:45:858 [main, ppm] 3.47 May 26 11:36:45:858 [main, ppm] Nimsoft May 26 11:36:45:860 [main, ppm] port=48013 May 26 11:36:45:876 [main, ppm] Login to NimBUS is OK May 26 11:38:26:453 [attach_socket, ppm] Delegating get_ctd_configuration to probe at /BSWAN-UIMAPP_domain/bswan-uimhub-01/bswan-uimhub-01/snmpcollector May 26 11:38:27:578 [attach_socket, ppm] stdout: 11:38:27.578 [attach_socket] DEBUG c.nimsoft.ids.ctd.graph.CtdGraphBase - CtdAction is deprecated for instance graph usage. It has been replaced with CtdEntityDefinition in the scheme.


Because of this we cannot able to open SNMP collector profiles..showing ppm error. and sometimes showing blank.


SNMP collector-3.43, PPM-3.47


Do anyone encounter with this situation.