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Attaching file in Post Process SEND_MAIL task

Question asked by SatyakiChowdhury613187 on May 28, 2018
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I am writing a script in the Post Process Tab of an Unix Job which would send a file from the same server as an attachment in a mail. Below is the code snippet - 


:SET &OUT# = SEND_MAIL("",,"Meeting","Meeting today at 5pm", "/home/sample472.txt")


But it throwing the error code - "50014" - Attachment does not exist.


I thought that this is happening due to Server & Login not specified. I tried the same as below - 


:SET &OUT# = SEND_MAIL("",,"Meeting","Meeting today at 5pm", "/home/sample472.txt", "CCD110", "LOGIN.CCD110.UAT")


AE - One Automation 2013 (Dialog Version - 9.00A Build 514-8C1)


Please suggest how to resolve this and how to use the Server & Login in the code if i need to.


Thanks in Advance