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Scramble CA-tdm-db-install-kit vs Oracle_Install_Kit

Question asked by johnviot on May 28, 2018
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We need install que scramble database for in-flight masking,we have multiples database servers and many database instances (oracle), is better for us has the scramble in every database instance as a schema that as an instance.


We see in the documentation two differents ways for the install process, ca-tdm-db-install-kit and Oracle_Install_Kit



We knows a installation methods that use the ca-tdm-db-install-kit.exe, this process are in the CA documentation for the repository installation, inclued the scramble database but it don't specifiqued.

Install the Repository - CA Test Data Manager - 4.5 - CA Technologies Documentation 

But we don't know if we use this method, the commands will be create a new database instance or if we especificed the instance it will be restore the database in the scramble schema.?


We found in the documentation how install the scramble database through of oracle_install_kit, Install Oracle Scramble Components - CA Test Data Manager - 4.4 - CA Technologies Documentation This process is clear, it use the a previously created schema "scramble" and it imports de .dmp file.


So, which is the correct process for our needs and how are the differences between this process?