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Extract value from parent resource output in child resource Javascript LAC?

Question asked by rhythmarora on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by tarma06

In LAC, I created a new resource(say XYZ) which is Table-Based Resource and then created a new level(say ABC) under that resource which is JavaScript Resource. So in my javascript, I want to extract one-row value i.e. Date from XYZ and then compare with the sys date and then return the TRUE or FALSE response.


So how can I extract the field value from parent resource(XYZ) and populate in my child resource(ABC) which is JAVASCRIPT based?



Resource XYZ(Parent): Table Based

Returns: {"date":"28/05/2018","time":"8pm","place":"Mumbai"}


Resouce ABC(Child): Javascript Based

I want to get the value of date from parent resource and compare it with my system data.


I am not able to extract the value. SO is it even possible or not? If yes, then how?